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12 Lovely Chalkboard Weddings Ideas for 2022 Rustic Couples

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Chalkboard is another popular trend for rustic weddings besides burlap and mason jar. An increasing number of brides tend to apply this element for their big day, special and also budget-friendly.

Chalkboards for a wedding? Yes, please! How can you incorporate it? First of all, signs, signs, signs! Signs that show your guests where to go, signs for food or drinks, chair signs, for various bars – just for anything that you can imagine! Make chalkboard placemats, coasters, glass markers and you can even make chalkboard glass bases, so that a guest could chalk his or her name on it. Table numbers, centerpieces, favors and many, many other things can be made using chalkboard paint.

There are plenty of other useful ways to incorporate a chalkboard accent into the wedding ceremony or reception , such as chalkboard-inspired stationery, chalkboard tagged mason jars, wedding favors and even wedding cakes. Scroll down and get inspired by some awesome  ideas below. Make your own perfect wedding with chalkboards.

1. Chalkboard wedding signs to provide convenience to guests

12 Lovely Chalkboard Weddings Ideas for 2022 Rustic Couples

2. Chalkboard photo booths

3. Chalkboard accented wedding cakes

4. Chalkboard inspired wedding invitations

5. creative chalkboard tree guest book

6. Show your love and love note on chalkboard

7. Wedding favors with chalkboard tags

8. DIY chalkboard wedding aisle runner

9. Decorate your wedding dessert table with chalkboard sign

10. Chalkboard place setting

11. chalkboard table number

12. chalkboard wedding ceremony ring bearer

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