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20 Summer Botanical Greenery Garland Wedding Ideas

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As the year of 2021 is going by, the new year is not further. Have you thought about having a wedding in the new year? Then it is a must to know about the new chic wedding trends. Here comes the question. What are the top trends in the wedding world of 2022? There are a lot of things to talk about on this topic including color combo, wedding decor, wedding dresses and  so on. One Thing for sure now is that greenery will continuously be hot in the next year. There are many ways to feature greenery into weddings, and garland is one of the commonest ideas we have ever seen.Simple doesn’t have to mean boring. Sometimes the most neutral and subtle decor details are the most impactful. For your inspiration, we’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite and also most popular greenery adorned wedding garland to help inspire the natural minimalist in you. If lovey you who are reading this post are prepare for your unique and personalized wedding as well, scroll down plz. See the beautiful details below! 

Greenery Garland Wedding Altars

20 Summer Botanical Greenery Garland Wedding Ideas

Wedding Signs Decorated with Greenery Garland

Greenery Garland Reception Table Decoration

Green Garland Centerpiece Decor

Green Garland Chair Decor

Green Wedding Invitations

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