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21 Ways to Plan the Perfect Fall Nuptials

21 Ways to Plan the Perfect Fall Nuptials
5 Elegant Wedding Color Schemes for 2022 Fall Nuptials
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Want to match your wedding day to the autumn months? Here are a few amazing fall wedding ideas brought to you by real brides and grooms. If you’re looking for a few fun spring wedding ideas, we’re here to help. From floral wedding stationery to bright bouquets, there are plenty of ways to embrace this season’s vibes with your wedding decor, food, attire and more.

Floral Stationery
Give a nod to the blossoming flowers with your save the date cards, wedding invitations, menus and more!

Minimal visual Table chart

A glass table chart takes up minimal visual real estate, while adding a unique twist to traditional place cards.

Sitting area under the umbrella

Give guests a shady place to mingle by placing umbrellas over reception chairs.

In-season Wheat Stalk Bouquets

Instead of going traditional, utilize the feelings of fall and grab some wheat. It is harvest season, after all, so infuse that rustic charm this time of the year holds so beautifully. Have your bridesmaids hold onto something a bit more textural – then turn around and use these to decorate the cake table!

Place cards made with dried leaves

Who says fall wedding escort cards have to be pen and paper? Why not try implementing a few elements of nature into your wedding? These fall wedding escort cards are simple–just gather a few dried leaves from your yard, hire an awesome calligrapher, and there you have it!

Gilded Pumpkins Decorations

Pumpkins are a must for your fall wedding. You don’t have to be kitschy, of course, but having a few sprinkled around the event pays a nice nod to the season. Of course, painting them gold or silver could push up the style a bit more than leaving them orange.

Autumnal-inspired Entrees

Serving an autumnal-inspired menu at a fall wedding is a chance to get creative and fully embrace all of the tastes and smells that we love about this season. Who can resist an autumn-themed dessert with irresistible flavors like pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, and caramel?

Sunny Ceremony

Fall weddings are perfect for celebrating outside, but you may need a bit of extra cozy appeal, especially if you’re exchanging vows while the sun is setting. Some unique seating is a must and will add a warm, welcoming vibe to the scene.

Unique color contrast

This destination wedding in fall brought together luxury and whimsy, with a palette of dusty pinks, creams, and dark green tones. Despite the summery backdrop of palm trees, this September wedding was enchantingly autumnal.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are perfect to use as vases – and they’re inexpensive too for our DIY lovers. Use them to hold some fresh petals at the table. It’ll add just enough style to each top with a sweet, throwback spirit.

The Bar

Oranges, lemons, and grapefruit at the bar play into an autumnal palette, with options to serve yourself or have a drink custom made.

Fruit centerpieces

Use these as bits and pieces to sprinkle around the vent. Great for centerpieces or to highlight the ceremony in different ways, use apples, cranberries, pears, and more to add color and texture to the day.

Leaf-filled Wedding Arch

How much more beautiful could your wedding ceremony get than with a fall-inspired, leaf-filled arch to set the entire event off. It’s natural, it’s organic, and the photos will be magical. And yes, it’s DIYable as well.

Fairy Lights and Candles

Petals filled Aisle

Sunflower Wedding Cake

Keep the cake simple and then set it off with some sunflowers; the flower of the season. The color is striking and the petals are bold. The tables could use the happy boost!

fall bridesmaid blanket scarf

Lace Touch

5 Wonderful Ideas to Incorporate Lace into Your Weddings

Cotton Decor

Homy Chalkboards

Maple Syrup Favours

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