Home Garden 30 Hottest Garden Wedding Ideas for 2022 Brides

30 Hottest Garden Wedding Ideas for 2022 Brides

30 Hottest Garden Wedding Ideas for 2022 Brides
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What could be better than a garden wedding?The spring and summer weddings take place in the garden, with many candles, green leaves, flowers, and dreamy wedding decorations, just like in a fairy tale.

The garden wedding venue is one of my favorite places in the world and offers great ideas for your wedding and reception.The beauty of garden weddings is that you can adapt to many wedding themes.From Alice in wonderland to secret garden weddings,you can even create a super-modern wedding theme to create an unexpected contrast.

Are you considering transforming your backyard into a wedding wonderland? As one of the most intimate and romantic spots to say ‘I do’, it is full of lush greenery and flowers and provides a relaxing and stunningly beautiful atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy. Now keep reading to check these wonderful garden wedding ideas!

Create an altar area

It is a very important aspect to a garden wedding as it provides direction and focus for your guests.

It is a very important aspect to a garden wedding as it provides direction and focus for your guests.

Welcome signs

Let your guests know they’ve found the right place and can be used as home decor after the wedding.

Incorporate greenery into and on everything

It is completely okay when working in a garden setting and pretty much every other venue, too.

Garden wedding invitation

It will set the tone of what your guests should expect AND wear…these garden inspired invitations help drive the point home.

Add touches of fresh floral and/or greenery to things that have been brought in for the wedding

This is the key to making a garden wedding work. Obviously chairs aren’t normally set up row after row in the middle of the lawn, but touches of botanicals make it feel like they belong.

Share  the flowers in your garden in your bouquet, for decorations, and even your invitations

This makes it feel like you hand picked them straight from the abundance that surrounds you.

Arrange seating a little differently

Don’t feel like you have to have round table after round table for seating, besides, you may have to work around a tree or a pond to fit everyone in the area and it just adds to the appeal.

Creative items displays

Think outside the box when it comes to displaying items, whether it’s food or favors. Old trunks stacked on top of each other, beautiful desks, vanities…they all work and the fact that they are unexpected really adds to the charm.

Adding lighting

It is a must, not only for safety, but for ambiance.

Use round balloons

The balloons look like a celebration is underway and they are easy to spot.  Dress them up with some greenery and it will really make them feel like they belong.

Dress up your cake 

It help to add the relaxed garden vibe.  Make sure to work with your florist on these flowers though, as the florist can guarantee they are pesticide free and safe to use on the cake.

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