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30 Swoon-worthy Ideas to Incorporate Greenery Into Wedding Backdrop

30 Swoon-worthy Ideas to Incorporate Greenery Into Wedding Backdrop
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With the pandemic bringing on the rise of all-outdoor events or celebrations with fluid, indoor/outdoor event flows, it’s now more important than ever to utilize natural elements as organically as possible. Weddings are special events where every couple seeks to create photograph-ideal memories. Regardless of how far you have gone with your wedding ceremony planning, don’t forget to include stunning wedding backdrops. You can make your venue stunning by making use of unique backdrops. That’s where greenery comes in, be it through big moments like installations or more micro moments like tablescapes and place settings. Greenery is also ideal for the couple who isn’t excited by loads of bold florals and wants to achieve a natural feel without the added swaths of color. 

From the simple to the lavish, here are 30 greenery wedding backdrops that are sure to inspire you—no matter your style!

Modern-yet-natural greenery wedding backdrop with gold copper frame

Beautiful white florals and greenery arch, side by romantic candles

Ocean front geometric hexagon tropical greenery wedding backdrop

greenery and pink flower wall wedding backdrop

Bohemian chic wedding greenery backdrop with rattan

Outdoor summer wedding backdrop with lush greenery

Rustic and Greenery wedding backdrop with twinkle lights

Christmas Themed Red and Green Wedding Backdrop

Wooden Framed Garden Greenery Wedding Backdrop

greenery hoop elegant wedding backdrop

White draped wedding ceremony backdrop with greenery

Country style wildflower, sunflower and greenery wedding backdrop

Jaw-dropping giant greenery and floral wedding ceremony

wedding arch decoration with cascading flowers and greenery

Monogram Green Wall Wedding Backdrop

Greenery wedding backdrop with neon lights

Boho Wedding Backdrop Styling with Macramé Elements

a round flower wall with greenery in the upper part and white blooms in the lower part

Romantic wedding photo with greenery circular wedding backdrop

hanging greenery wedding backdrop for industrial weddings

Balloon greenery wedding backdrop

Vintage Folding Screen greenery wedding backdrop

Chandelier of Greenery indoor wedding backdrop

Budget-friendly Greenery wedding backdrop

Refurbished Old Doors Greenery wedding backdrop

Layers of shapes

disco balls and Greenery wedding backdrop

Whimsical Downtown Tampa Pink Ombre and Greenery Wedding

Simplicity is the best

pampas grass and greenery wedding wreath

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