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5 Popular Shades of Red & Burgundy Wedding Invitations for 2022

5 Popular Shades of Red & Burgundy Wedding Invitations for 2022
Popular Shades of Red & Burgundy Wedding Invitations
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Burgundy is a very beautiful wedding color for your big day. You can add a sort of this kind of dark red into any element of your wedding.When referring to the word “burgundy”, do you recall something special to please your feeling, like the fragrant wine? Well, it is possible that many contemporary brides choose burgundy to spice up their wedding ensemble with a rich wine taste.

Moreover,red and burgundy are extremely popular wedding colors for the winter season. They offer a breath of fresh air when everything is so cold and covered in white. We put together five inspirational wedding invitation pieces highlighting these fantastic colors. Read on for more inspiration!

1. Glamorous Red Invitation for Red and White Wedding Party

Red and white is a true classic and it looks so fantastic together, especially in the winter months. It’s the perfect pairing, just like you and your fiancé.

2. Burgundy and gold Wedding Invitations

Burgundy and gold is a chic pairing for weddings. They feel incredibly classy and our matching invitations are the perfect way to give your guests a heads-up about your wedding colors and set the tone for your fabulous soirée.

3.Dark Burgundy Wedding Invitation for Burgundy and Grey Weddings

Burgundy and grey are becoming a classic pairing. They are so elegant, chic, and classy; it’s no wonder brides have fallen in love with this pairing. Our burgundy invitation makes a huge statement and is the perfect choice for this color palette.

4.Wine Red and Blush Laser Cut Wedding Invitation

Wine and blush pair perfectly together because they are in the same color family. The blush helps soften the wine, and the wine helps the blush stand out.Our invitations show just what a match they are for one another.

  • Customizable Wedding Invitations

Everything we offer is interchangeable, so if you see something that isn’t paired is a combination that you are wanting on our site, just contact us! We’d love to make the invitation of your dreams come true.

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