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6 Affordable Winter Wedding Gift And Favors Ideas

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There is something magical about a winter wedding and it’s slowly becoming one of our favorite wedding seasons. Are you planning a winter wedding? Do you have trouble in choose suitable gifts for your guests?In my opinion , the gifts that are fit for winter wedding should keep your guests from the cold weather at first and then can be taken home easily. Today I picked 6 winter wedding gifts or favors for you, many of them can be handmade by yourself.Enjoy reading!


Mugs are cheap but practical. Having some unique mugs as wedding gifts can be your first choice.

6 Affordable Winter Wedding Gift And Favors Ideas

2. Winter warmth

Think about what is your guest first need in a freezing cold day!Of course, they will need blankets, socks, mittens, scarfs and so on to keep warm.

3. Mason Jars

When it comes to rustic wedding,mason jars cannot be neglected even in winter wedding.


Close to the Christmas and New Year, you guests are willing to see some greenery or plants which help to add a little touch of vitality and freshness.

5. For adults

What makes you warm in a cold day? It have to be wine for adults,brandy, Vodka, Whisky…this is an endless list. So prepare some for your guests. They will love it.

6. Honey

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