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6 Brown Wedding Colors & Invites by Season

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Brown is a great traditional fall color that couples often choose for their fall or winter weddings because it looks warm and cozy.Brown hues always remind us of the rustic and vintage weddings. It is the color of burlap ,wood crates, wood stumps and many other natural rustic elements. Brown is one of the easiest wedding color for brides. We can find so many browns in rustic weddings,like chocolate brown bridesmaid dresses, shoes, bouquets, table mats, candles and cones instead of flowers, and, of course, chocolate desserts!I can’t live without chocolate cakes, cupcakes, cocktails and candy!

Not just for fall wedding,brown is an option for all seasons.There are various different colors in brown, the pale and light brown are beautiful for spring and summer weddings, deep and dark brown are frequently seen in the popular autumn season.There are so many to choose from!I like brown weddings with a retro or retro look — they look very elegant. Get inspired by these cool ideas!

Light and pale brown colors for spring and summer

6 Brown Wedding Colors & Invites by Season

Fresh green and taupe brown rustic garden theme

Dark brown and blush romantic style

Brown and pink beach wedding

Rustic Deep and dark brown colors for fall season

Muted brown and sage green winter color

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