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7 On-trend Beachside/Coastal Destination Wedding Color Palette

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Beach / Coastal weddings are extremely popular all the year round because they are the most romantic and relaxing. Long coastline, wet sand beach, green palm trees, waves beat rocks to stir up snow-white spray, all of these combine the beauty of beach. An on-trend wedding theme in a cool color palette can make your wish come true. Couples can make their wedding decor special by adding some pretty sea life to their wedding tables and centerpieces-corals, starfish, sea urchins and sea shells. They may also prefer to choose some sea, coral and ocean colors like blue, sandy tone to highlight and embrace their wedding location. Below we have come up with 7 trendy beach destination wedding themes in cool colors with matching wedding invitations for brides to inspire. Enjoy!

Boho chic blush wedding

7 On-trend Beachside/Coastal Destination Wedding Color Palette

Shipping matching wedding invitations

Mediterranean theme in classic blue and lemon yellow

Shipping matching wedding invitations

Teal and coral tropical summer wedding

beachside wedding in light sky blue

sea foam romantic beach wedding

Navy, Dusty Blue and Green Coastal Wedding color palette ideas

Natural neutral and sage destination wedding

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