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8 Coolest Dark Green Wedding Trends for Fall Winter Brides

8 Coolest Dark Green Wedding Trends for Fall Winter Brides
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The charm of a fall winter wedding is seemingly unbeatable. The rich colors of nature, cooler temperatures, and beautiful sceneries make it one of the most ideal times to host a wedding. There’re so many fall wedding colors there, from rich jewel tones to earthy neutrals and even pastels, which will capture the magic of fall while express your own personalities. Check out our trendy dark green color ideas for October & November to inspire your fall winter wedding planning.

Emerald Green Wedding

After seeing so many weddings filled with trending hues like wedding dresses to beautiful and elegant wedding invitations, from splendid wedding cakes to bright and interesting table settings, emerald green is a welcome and refreshing change. Many couples love this good wedding color everywhere in wedding day. Get inspired and find a way for your own big day here.

Olive Green

For Greenery elements, olive branches are always the first to think about.Olive branch wedding ideas can be anything from olive branch
adorned wedding invitations
, olive branch embellished wedding cake to organic elements such as a wreath for your flower girl.We’ve gathered the best uses for olive branches below. Get inspired and have a fantastic wedding!

Hunter Green

We love when weddings incorporate natural rustic colors. Often hunter green is overlooked as a wedding color but when weddings incorporate greens as the theme, the effect can be so beautifully dramatic! Dark green glass is one way to add dark green into your decor without making it the focus. If you want to go bolder, try using green hydrangeas and off-set them with dark greens elsewhere in your wedding style. Moss is another great way to add dark green to your table decor, and looks great with succulents too! We have seen some awesome green suits on the groom, and often the setting itself ties all of the greens in the wedding decor together all by itself! Hunter green can also be found in a variety of vintage items from typewriters and bicycles which are all great additions to vintage weddings.

Deep Green and Sage Green

But for 2022-2023, shades of sage green seems to be a new trend and I love it. It gives you the opportunity to bring nature into your big day, with wonderful flowers and foliage. If you’re looking for sage green wedding ideas, check out the following wedding ideas we collected and get inspired.

Ocean Seaweed

Their shared passion served as the inspiration for the whole ocean front wedding and with a team of creatives to help, seegrass green hues truly turned the day into a symphony of sounds.

White Rose, magnolia leaf seaweed tied bouquet. Golden ribbon and seaweed tied beach bouquet

Moss Green

A southern inspired take on a cool breeze wedding, complete with Spanish moss, in dusky, neutral shades of tan and green, with just a hint of blush. Understated and elegant, it is a timeless palette for the couple looking for something romantic yet not too feminine!

Wild Forest

A forest wedding will always be one of our favorites—because with towering trees, mossy floors, unruly wildflowers, babbling brooks, what’s not to love? There’s something intimate and magical about tying the knot and celebrating in the middle of a vast woodland. Plus, the stunning scenery and natural beauty of a forest mean your wedding backdrop is already built-in. Nature has done all the décor work for you!

Kale Green

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