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8 Ideas to Plan a Second Wedding with Matching Invitations

8 Ideas to Plan a Second Wedding with Matching Invitations
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Falling in love and meeting a person to be with every day is a precious feeling and one that we are always looking for, regardless of our age. Therefore, it is never too late to find love. Planning your second wedding and feel slightly overwhelmed? Second time brides can certainly feel this way. At the start there is lots of excitement around what you could do better and very differently to the first time. But then there is the little voice which rears its ugly head, saying ‘you can’t do that, it is your second wedding’. Very day there are more and more people who do not hesitate to enter or repeat the experience and pronounce for the first or second time (or more) the “yes, I do”. Often, couples have a lot of questions about how to throw a second wedding: Do you still wear white? Can you have another huge party? We’re here to answer them all.

Ideas 1 : Choose holiday seasons for a second wedding.

Ideas 2 : Include your children and closed families and friends only in the ceremony

Ideas 3 : exchange vows in a truly unique and exotic destination.

Ideas 3 : less formal or Casual Attire Code

Ideas 4 : Wearing a Different Wedding Dress

Ideas 5: Wedding Decorations are more naturally intimate

Ideas 6: Fun games to mingle with your guests

Ideas 7: DIY Your Own Ceremony to save budget

Ideas 8: Customize wedding invitations with elegant and simple design

Your second wedding should be different from the first one in several aspects and one of them is the wedding
invitations. The bride and groom will be the ones to invite to the celebration. In short, it will be a simpler, more
intimate, but more perfect wedding.

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