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8 Most Enchanting Lavender Wedding Ideas for 2022 Brides

8 Most Enchanting Lavender Wedding Ideas for 2022 Brides
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Lavender has always been a representative  the beauty of love, but also a symbol of romance in the minds of girls.The purple dream that lavender creates is inviting, which elevates your wedding celebration. It is such a kind of advanced romance color.

In recent years , lavender has been widely used in wedding. Especially for those brides who love the shade of purple.Lavender is known as a soft, romantic shade of purple that works well with almost any other combination, which is perfect for  wedding celebrations, from color palette, decorations to dresses and favors. Moreover,lavender can be mixed with almost any combination or neutral colors. That’s why it is so popular with wedding planners or brides.

Today we are gonna share some enchanting lavender wedding with you. Hope your can have a prefect and dreamy lavender wedding as well. Get inspired and rock your big day! Enjoy!

Color Palettes
Lavender can work well with almost any combination, and neutral colors are most popular.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres
Whether you choose to incorporate lavender into your bouquet among white roses, peonies or ranunculus, or just simple but stunning bouquet of lavender alone, the effect is not only visually arresting, but the scent will waft as you walk the aisle and fill the room during the ceremony.

To set the basic tone, as well as give guests the first impression, send out lavender themed wedding invitations is a perfect choice.

Let’s say lavender wedding cakes are just too perfect to eat- the variety of ideas is astonishing.

Bridesmaid Dresses
Having ombre lavender bridesmaid dresses is the first choice, and they can perfectly match with the whole wedding color schemes of your big day.

Enchanting Purple Wedding Ideas with Matching Invitations

And for those who plan to attempt a bit of wedding DIY on the flowers, lavender couldn’t be simpler to use.

Food & Drinks
To round off, what about lavender treats and some lemonade to tickle your guests taste buds?

Give each guest a packet of lavender soap to watch your love grow!

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