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Creative Fall Wedding Invitation Ideas for Your Autumn Weddings

Creative Fall Wedding Invitation Ideas for Your Autumn Weddings
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An unique fall wedding invitation is a must when you plan a wedding. It not only sets the tone for the most special occasion of your life,  but helps to give your guest a good first impression on your wedding at the first sight.If you’re having a fall-themed wedding, what better way to add warmth and glamour to your wedding than to include a seasonal element in your wedding invitation?

Before choosing the design for your fall wedding invitation, you may want to choose a theme for your wedding, such as pumpkins, fallen leaves, pears, vineyards, etc.Once your wedding themed has been fixed, everything else will go smoothly. Bear in mind that it is a must to make your wedding invitation match your wedding theme.Today we’re going to start with an invitation of a fall wedding.Are you have a fall wedding as well?Then take a look.

Inserting Silk Flowers
Inserting small silk fall flowers at the top of the card will surely highlight the theme. The tiny delicate flowers are lovely additions to your fall wedding invitations.Remember to have your fall wedding invitations printed as the same color scheme with your wedding colors.

Fall Leaves
The vibrant hue of fall leaves is simply lovely, giving a warm and cozy feel. Choose the type of leaf you want to have on your fall invitation card.

With Fall Fruits
Having some fall fruits printed on your autumn invitation cards is another choice, such as pomegranates, cranberries, pears, apples, grapes and etc. Then your reception decorations or the table centerpieces can use some fruits as well.

Decorated with Ribbons
A small satin bow at the top of the card or a ribbon spreading across the midsection of the card also adds an interesting touch to the fall wedding invite.

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