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Enchanting Ideas to Have a Forest Woodland Wedding

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It turns out to be a trend that enchanting woodland weddings become one of the most popular themes because they are so fairy-tale and mysterious! Full of moss, flowers, greenery, lights and fireflies, these weddings are adorable and impressive! Organize a stunning woodland ceremony  with a fantastic altar or arch of greenery and moss. Bug repellents will make good favors.Choose a gorgeous wedding dress, in which you’ll remind of a woodland fairy. Candle lanterns, lights, cakes and cupcakes decorated with flowers and moss, a relaxed and mysterious atmosphere – you wedding will give your guests a big impression for quite a long time. You can also add some elf touches in case you are a fan of it.

Generally speaking,woodlands are a perfect place to have a bit relaxed celebration in boho, rustic, enchanted forest or just wood-inspired style.  A wedding in the woods is a romantic venue; nature is beauty in itself and makes a perfect backdrop for exchanging vows. If you’ve got your heart set on a dreamy woodland wedding then check out the following ideas to help you get inspired for your big day. Get inspired and have the most impressive wedding ever!

Romantic Boho

Enchanting Ideas to Have a Forest Woodland Wedding

Purple and Greenery Whimsical Forest

Rustic Wedding in the Woods

Marsala and Greenery  Whimsical Forest

Fairy-tale and Enchanted Woodland Wedding Ceremony

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